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Ovation Awards

Duncan Little Theatre is proud to partner with the Duncan Area Arts Hall of Fame. Each year, DLT is honored to award two Ovation Awards to those who have shown exceptional support of Duncan Little Theatre, and its mission to enhance the arts in our local community. For your commitment to excellence in the theatre arts, your long standing support of DLT, and your service to our community, we applaud you.

It is with great honor and gratitude that we nominate LD Jones and Leigh McEntire for the Duncan Area Arts Hall of Fame Ovation Award.

LD Jones is an actress, director, producer, board president, and treasurer extraordinaire. Our community gained a champion for the arts and non profits when we happily celebrated this Canadian becoming an Okie in July 2022. LD joined the ranks of DLT in 2003 as “Maureen” in Honk, going on to be involved in numerous shows since both under the lights and behind the scenes.

LD has served as President of the Board of Directors, as well as Secretary and Treasurer, for Duncan Little Theatre. During her time on the board she and her compatriot, Leigh McEntire, led the organization to an unprecedented time of financial security and success. LD’s background in non profit management often made hers the voice of reason, making sure the organization was on firm footing to accomplish its stated purpose. Her community spirit is shown in her service not only to DLT, as she currently serves on the boards of The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center and Main Street Duncan and has served The Chisholm Trail Arts Council and many others.

Leigh McEntire is a musician, actress, producer, stage manager, vocal director, grant writer and former board president of DLT. Leigh started her DLT career as “girl with jump rope” in Cinderella in 1984. Leigh’s love of theatre and the arts led her to pursue a degree in Music education from Texas Christian University, obtaining that degree in 1999.

During Leigh’s time on the Board of Directors of DLT she and her compatriot, LD Jones, led the organization to an unprecedented time of financial security and success. Leigh was instrumental in starting and continuing the Children’s Theatre Experience program, which is responsible for exposing thousands of local grade school children to the magic of theatre. Since she left the board in 2022 she continues to serve as co-chair of membership and as a stalwart friend and advisor to the current board. Leigh’s generosity and love for her community is obvious in her work with the DRH Health Foundation, Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations.

Duncan Little Theatre is proud to commend Rodna Cherry and Lois Wilson as the 2022 recipients of the DLT Ovation Awards.

Lois got her “start” as a volunteer in Duncan’s art community when her daughter , Loisdawn (LD) Jones, asked if she would consider helping Duncan Little Theatre as their grant writer. Lois had no experience as a grant writer, but she stepped up without hesitation, even though she had never served on its Board of Directors, and wrote the grants for ten years. While learning the ropes, she also implemented a newsletter for the theater, that the Board of Directors continues to this day.

Lois also singlehandedly drew up a plan to remodel and reorganize the DLT building on Main street. She acted as Project Manager, and got bids for new electrical wiring and lighting, new heat and air conditioning, a new roof, the addition of floor space on the second floor, and the reworking of the layout on the main floor. She wrangled the Board and other theater volunteers while she, herself, spent countless hours sorting and reorganizing. She then set out to clear the debt for the money borrowed to accomplish the remodel and researched grants. She wrote for and secured grants from The Priddy Foundation and Faith Always Wins and the remodel was paid for in full.

Duncan Little Theatre owes Lois a great deal of thanks for the countless hours of grant writing, her work on our building, and her steadfast dedication for over three decades.

Rodna Cherry is being awarded the Ovation Award posthumously.

Rodna was one of a kind! She loved all people, especially theater folks. She gave 30 plus years to the art of face and hair dressing for Duncan Little Theatre. She got her start with DLT quite by chance as she was the “barber” for Dr. Bill Corporon, an avid supporter of all things DLT. She agreed to help out for a show all those years ago and could just never say no to future asks. Even after working a long day at her personal business, the Last Chance Beauty Salon, she would enter the Green Room robustly and loudly ask “Whose first?” all the while laughing and smiling until the last face was perfect!

Rodna gave countless hours and immeasurable love to every person who sat in her chair in the green room. She was well loved by cast and crew, and her dedication to DLT and the arts is appreciated.

Duncan Little Theatre is proud to recognize Sharon Smith Burum and Gina Flesher as the 2020 recipients of the DLT Ovation Awards. These two arts advocates have worked tirelessly to promote the theatre arts in our community. Their combined decades of service to Duncan have made a tremendous difference in the arts climate of Stephens County and the surrounding areas. Duncan Little Theatre salutes Ms. Burum and Ms. Flesher for their service to the arts in our community!

Duncan Little Theatre is excited to honor Dr. Bill & Melinda Corporon and Dwayne Brittain with DLT Lifetime Achievement awards for the inaugural Duncan Area Arts Hall of Fame.

We are pleased to honor Dwayne Brittain and his commitment to the fine arts in our community. Without his talent and dedication, many of us would not have had the opportunity to reach for the stars on this stage.

In 1981 Dr Bill and Melinda Corporon rejuvenated the spirit of Duncan Little Theatre and were active until they left our area in 2003. They influenced everyone in our community with their love of the arts. Most of all, The Corporons’ creativity and persistence inspired the community of Duncan to keep live theatre alive and vibrant in our community.